Sunday, September 29, 2013

Adblock Plus

Price: free

The purpose of Adblock Plus is to block advertisments. This add-on is available for Firefox, Chrome , Android , Opera and Internet Explorer.

I really like the option to allow non-intrusive advertisments. Just go to Tools > Adblock Plus > Filter preferences. It's right there under filter subscriptions. You can also create your own custom filters.

They also block out those annoying in video commercials. The only con for me is that it it causes too much lagging on some videos.

Once upon a time I refrained from using this type of software, out of respect for those that depend on advertising to promote their business, but some of them didn't return the same respect.

Here are some tips for keeping your stuff from being added to the block list: Animation is fine, but its unnessary to have the constant blinking and flashing. Some people have health conditions that are made worse by these things. Unless you dislike us for some reason, knock it off. Keep it simple. Expect to be blocked when you insist on disgusting, innapropriate images.

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