Monday, September 30, 2013


Kroger is the name of the grocery store we do most of the shopping at. That's because it's closer, easier to navigate, etc.

Pros: They have some pretty nice deals there. The staff is very kind and friendly. They are always smiling and making us smile. They sometimes ask if we need help taking our things to the car.

Cons: The produce section is a mess. Many of the fruits have bugs all over them and places where the bugs ate from. It's very hard to find good tomatoes and apples because many of them are ruined.

The other day I saw several human teeth marks in the flesh of a majority of the tomatoes which I suspect is not the stores doing, but I wouldn't ever allow those to come in there if it were me. There is also a strange smell. Pesticide maybe? I don't know, but it is coming from on all the food in that area.

The baggers have no training whatsoever. You can't just randomly throw things into any bag with anything or set heavy stuff on top of the eggs. These guys do. May as well find them something else and let us all bag our own things.

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