Friday, October 18, 2013

Tom's of Maine Vs Jason tea tree deodorant stick

After reading some bad things about aluminum and other bad chemicals in anti-perspirants, I gave some of the more "natural" deodorants a try.

Tom's Of Maine

Price: $5.00
Found these in apricot and lavender scents. Not sure why or how or even how to explain it exactly, but you know how when your anti-perspirants wears off your underarms will start to smell after a bit? Well, that smell became less and less after about a week of using Tom's. Which is great except for the fact that recently their deodorant has started making me itchy. Either they added something to it or I'm having a late reaction to something, but it sucks either way.

Jason Price: $7.00. Lasts a bit longer than Tom's, but am not a fan of the smell. Infact it made me stink pretty bad.

So I guess for now I'll have to stick to slathering unnatural chemicals onto my pits. I'm liking Degree so far. At least it doesn't wear off as quickly or stain my clothes like the others do.

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