Sunday, October 6, 2013

Visual Land Tablet

Price: $70.00

Android OS

The only real issue we have is the amount of time it takes for the tablets to charge. The first time you plug them in, it sits there at 1% for up to an 1 hour before it finally starts doing anything. It would take the entire day to achieve a 100% charge so we just stop somewhere in between. Other than that, everything else works just fine.

My girls complain that the tablet life isn't long enough, but then again they do think they need to install every app ever created. Another issue is those unneeded programs running at start up. Isn't there some way to keep them from starting up until they are manually enabled rather than having to go through and shut down one program at a time just to conserve power?

Other than that, everything works just fine.

A little tip: Do not leave your charger plugged in while using the tablet. This will mess them up. We went through a couple wall chargers because of that.

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