Friday, April 11, 2014

Bubblews is a little different from most article sites in that you have more freedom to write how you want. It is not a place you go to find only professional types. Of course they are there too, but there are many different kinds of writers as in poets, story tellers, how to-ers, people who write about their cats, recipe creators, etc. If you visit the site, please notice the words "Speak freely". That will give you a good idea on what they are about.
 Bubblews is very serious about their rules and if you can not follow these very simple guidelines, you will not be paid.  The rules are located on your bank page and also can be found by clicking on the Terms of use at the bottom of the site.
  Here is proof of my first PayPal payment .  I  am now awaiting my second payment.  The minimum pay out is $50.00, but it is very easy to reach. You can't just submit an article and that's it. You need to interact with your connections.  We are allowed ten posts per day.  If you know what you're doing, those numbers will climb very quickly. 

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