Monday, June 9, 2014

I don't remember how it was I came to discover Chatabout.  I think it was bubblews. Somebody said many of the former Mylot members had joined, so of course I had to check it out. There is hardly anyone to talk to on Mylot anymore.  Now, I'm on Chatabout pretty much everyday and there are many things to discuss!

Here is how Chatabout works. Members chat with each other and they earn points. There is also a bonus section where you can earn even more points by watching videos, completing surveys and offers, voting in the daily poll, redeeming coupons and listening to music. You like writing? Get points for submitting articles and reviews. Sharing content and referring other people to the site will also earn you points.

Once you have enough points, you can turn them into the prize of your choice.. There are many options to choose from in the rewards section from including gift cards, Paypal and physical items.

 Here is an image of my first reward:

It's a brush storage box. I know you are wondering, "Why would you waste your points on a box?" Well, it's cute. So there.  

I also received a Paypal payment of $5.00 this morning.

 I might just save up some more and collect all the physical prizes from the wall.

By the way,   here   is the link to sign up. While you're there, look for a member called Shasta H. That is me.

If you do happen to sign up, please read the rules and the site terms of service before you do any sort of activity on the site.

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