Monday, April 20, 2015

Goodgame Empire

Good game Empire is my favorite online strategy game at the moment. I've been playing for a while. The goal is to defend your territory and that of your friends. You gain honor and glory by fighting enemies.

 In the start of the game they give you this puny little area which just a wall and one building. This is your castle. Lucky you.  Of course you will expand and add more to it.  Which means you need to build up your resources as well.

Now, if you're hoping for something with fast pace action and gore, stop reading. See you later.

 I see this as more of a time waster type of game. I don't mean this in a bad way but, it's pretty slow paced. Everything is pretty much about building and upgrading and fighting, so that you can level up so that you can unlock more items, so that you can level up some more.  The best thing about this game is probably the people that you'll meet.  If will give you somethings to do while you have a nice chat with your new friends.

Oh, and there are also various events and competitions that take place. You can win items, and rare troops and such for your alliance.

That being said, here are my pros and cons:

Pro: You do not have to pay to play. Yes, some things and some items cost rubies and rubies can be purchased for money. However rubies can also be gotten for free by completing simple goals and playing the adventure map once you've collected all the pieces.

Nice people. 

Rubies are cheap. Of course this depends on the package you choose.

Cons:  After your first few ruby purchases, they will bring the price up. You can get the cheapest pack (4, 700) for $1.99. After that it jumps up to $4.99. 

Some of those powerful troops  that you get from the mercenary post and from events, will cost you rubies to heal in the hospital even if you purchased them with coins.  Buyer be ware and keep those particular troops safely locked away in your castle strong hold until they are really needed.

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