Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ibotta:Get paid to shop

I've been wanting to try Ibotta out for a while, but it wasn't compatible with my Lg.  Now, I've got my Samsung and it works perfectly.
 Here's how it works: You get a $10.00 welcome bonus by verifying your first rebate within 30 days of signup. There is a $2.00 welcome bonus when you redeem $5.00 in rebates within 30 days of signup.

 Minimum Cashout for Paypal is $20.00. Gift card is $25.00.  Rebates I've seen go from .25 cents to $3.00, so it adds up fast.  My 1st payment was received instantly.  It was barely a few seconds after confirming my request, then Paypal sent me a text.  Now, I don't know if they do that every time or if it was just my lucky day.  

Warning: If your account remains inactive for a certain period, they will start to deduct your earnings. Many programs do this however, so it's nothing new. Better read those terms.

Tip: Add team mates

 Mark down stickers.  So, I unlocked a few rebates for Suja juice. Problem: Mark down stickers. They had some odd looking bar code that wouldn't ring up, so we had to get the self check out assistant.  Ibottas scanner also was unable to read it.  The original bar code was covered up and I had to pick at the sticker to expose it, then was able to finally scan and verify.

Competition: Don't think you're the only one running around the store with an Ibotta app in hand. If you're not terribly picky or brand loyal try the "any brand" rebates as they're obviously easier to deal with and to find. 
 My competition is currently winter shoppers.  We barely get snow around here, so people see one flake (could be dandruff for all they know) and all heck breaks loose as in empty store shelves. 

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