Friday, October 20, 2017

500 Swagbucks a day

In Swagland  500 = $5.00 .   There are 49 different gift cards available for 500 Swagbucks. These include: Amazon, Walmart, Virtual MasterCard, Steam,  Ebay, Starbucks etc.

Now, the reason I didn't say you can make "$5.00" a day is because it can take up to 10 day to see your reward.  It depends on what you choose. For example Amazon takes nearly a week to arrive for me. While MasterCard takes all of a couple days. We're talking week days by the way. Takes a little longer if you redeem during the weekend.

So it's much easier to get theSwagbucks in a day. You can cash those out and just wait or you can let them build up for something more expensive.

Everybody has their own method for earning Swagbucks. Some are really lucky and qualify for every survey. Others take their chances by applying for "free" trials.

As for me, surveys and "free" trials are a no go.
Most of my Swagbucks are from the nCraves playlists. I run a couple of them at a time in new windows. They run on their own so no need to baby sit. I can do some chores and take care of other business.
I also have  all the the Swagbucks apps and play one until that message about qualifying for a bonus pops up, then I move on to the next app etc.

If I've got time for lazing a bout, I might also complete some offers. For this I refer to  the Swagbucks Reddit .  This is where I find out what offers are crediting to others and see if I can also have some luck.

Well, good night for now.

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