Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Error on redeeming Perk rewards

Perk members may have noticed that after attempting to redeem for instant Paypal, you receive an error message.

I'm assuming this also applies to the slower Paypal option.  I was able to cash out of an Amazon gift card instead   I did contact support and their explanation was that my IP was accidentally blocked. I doubt that if I was able to log into my account or redeem Amazon.  Well it happened again. I'm not messing with it anymore because it'll just be a waste. They might start to think I'm doing something against the rules, which I'm not. Hopefully they find a permanent solution. Until then, I guess it's Amazon for now.

By the way I've made a life time total of about $300 from Perk. Yeah not a lot, but I've got school lunch covered for a while.

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