Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PrizeRebel earnings

So here's are my PrizeRebel earnings so far
In case you're wondering about my 2018 earnings, I haven't been very active on the site since the folks at Videoloyalty decided to block me for no good reason. That and Tap Research were my big earners. Videoloyalty is more passive though.   So as you can see if you look under cost one time it cost 500 pts for $5.00 Paypal and another it cost 495 for $5.00 paypal. This is because of account levels which goes from bronze to diamond. Right now I am gold so I get a 1% discount off prizes.
Just a note: The "Direct Deposit" Option isn't really direct at all. It requires you have a Dwolla account and then transfer the money to your bank account from Dwolla.

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