Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Quick Survey For An Amazon Gift Card

The Quick Thoughts app is available for both Android   and iTunes  .  Sorry they don't do referrals as of yet.   The only reward option they have at the moment is Amazon gift cards. You need approximately $10.00 to cash out.

How long does this take? Well, that depends on two things: # 1. Your luck when it comes to surveys. #2. How many surveys they decide to host.   It took me three days to earn enough to get my first card.
 By the way, it's $1.00  per  each qualified survey. If you do not qualify for the survey then it's $.10.  Don't expect that $.10 every time. There is a cap.

I've posted the image above just to give you an idea of  the kind of "luck" I have when it comes to surveys.  This is from my lap.  On my phone it's shown as $ rather than points. lol   I didn't even know they had a browser version until a few moments ago. 

Anyhow..Once you request your gift card they will immediately provide you with the code to apply to your Amazon account.  

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