Friday, February 23, 2018


My first phone was a LG with Tracfone as the carrier. Ive owned three others since. All Tracfone. I simply use the prepaid option. Since  my data is  turned  off majority of the time and  I am not a  blabber bot I only have to buy a $20.00 card every few months or so. The down side is when data becomes necessary  like when you visit great aunt Becky . The Tracfone folks were kind enough one time to help me out when my data mysteriously disappeared after having one app open for all of a minute. Depends on who you talk to though. Last guy basically told me to screw myself.  But its ridiculous how much data some of these apps use. On my last visit to Great aunt Becky's place one app used up every bit of data and it also was only open for a minute. I had literally just had it refilled. Ticked me right off. I dont keep data running continuously either. It serves its purpose then immediately gets shut off.  I really should start charging these companies for all the data they suck out of my phone though. I mean really? You want to charge me to use your app? Nah I think my $20 worth of data you just snagged is sufficient payment.

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