Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dating apps

Some GPT sites have offers that require signing up for things to get points/money and some of those signup offers happen to be for dating sites/apps.  My intention was to signup for one of these sites and then forget about it. Well I went through the process where they asked my preferences;ie age range and gender. I think I picked something like 45-50 age range and  they never asked about race. They did ask what my preference in hair color was and I chose dark because Asian guys have dark hair..
 After the offer credited and I got my points, I thought that was that. Only it wasn't. My email notifications were blowing up like crazy. All from this dating site.  I honestly didn't expect to get any sort of response because # 1 I had not uploaded a picture of myself #2 nor had I filled out any information about myself. So who in the heck is interested in blank profiles?                      

^^These guys. ^^ 

 And every single one of these guys were lying about their age. Guys, if you're going to fib about your age, there are some rules. You don't just chose a random number and and go with it. I mean these men were all obviously in their early 50s, possibly 60s, but had their ages listed as 20 something. There were a few true cougar baits in there although they could have been jail baits for all I know.  Sadly none of them were Asian, but I guess that shouldn't surprise me.

Anywho. One of these guys had his age as 36, but he could have passed for 75.  This same guy (the 75 year old) must have thought he had the golden weewee or something. He sent me a message out of the blue: "No pic, no chat".  I messaged him back and asked him how to delete my account or at least stop all the spam. He must have been serious about that picture because he never replied back. I did finally figure it out though.

So recently I filled out an offer that required signing up for yet another dating site, Zoosk.  Zoosk is pretty spammy. They aren't near as spammy as that other site was and the guys so far seem to be honest about their age although none of them are in my stated age preference which this time is 50+. I bumped it up a few notches. When I'm 42 maybe I'll go find that 75 year old.

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