Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Radial Insight

Morning, all.
  If you need a quick way to earn some money, there is a survey panel called Radial Insight (not a referral link). What they do is send a survey to your email, you complete the survey, they send an email with a Tango card. There isn't any "minimum withdrawal". The card is sent to your email as soon as the survey is complete.
 I received two $3.00 surveys right after signing up.  Admittedly I saw that "$3.00" and was thinking "Riighht.." because anytime I've gotten a survey over $1.00 its always "Now we just need your work phone number, you ex wives email address, your social security number and your bank account information". 😒  But surprisingly, that didn't happen.
The surveys are quick because they skip all the "pre screening" bs. 

What is a Tango card? Tango cards can be redeemed for various type of e gift cards including international as well as digital prepaid cards. Here is the catalog https://www.tangocard.com/the-rewards-catalog/

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day! 😉

Friday, June 8, 2018

Saemmul Face Lightener 01 Green light

Saemmul face lightener is basically a color corrector. If you're familiar with how color corrector works, you know that green is good for zapping redness.  So far it blends in quite nicely and has done a great job of toning down the redness on my nose and cheeks. It is very light weight so should not clog pores. I've not had any break outs so far.   Bonus:Also has SPF 30

cons: may not work well for dark or medium skin tones. Some say it left a white cast on their face.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dating apps

Some GPT sites have offers that require signing up for things to get points/money and some of those signup offers happen to be for dating sites/apps.  My intention was to signup for one of these sites and then forget about it. Well I went through the process where they asked my preferences;ie age range and gender. I think I picked something like 45-50 age range and  they never asked about race. They did ask what my preference in hair color was and I chose dark because Asian guys have dark hair..
 After the offer credited and I got my points, I thought that was that. Only it wasn't. My email notifications were blowing up like crazy. All from this dating site.  I honestly didn't expect to get any sort of response because # 1 I had not uploaded a picture of myself #2 nor had I filled out any information about myself. So who in the heck is interested in blank profiles?                      

^^These guys. ^^ 

 And every single one of these guys were lying about their age. Guys, if you're going to fib about your age, there are some rules. You don't just chose a random number and and go with it. I mean these men were all obviously in their early 50s, possibly 60s, but had their ages listed as 20 something. There were a few true cougar baits in there although they could have been jail baits for all I know.  Sadly none of them were Asian, but I guess that shouldn't surprise me.

Anywho. One of these guys had his age as 36, but he could have passed for 75.  This same guy (the 75 year old) must have thought he had the golden weewee or something. He sent me a message out of the blue: "No pic, no chat".  I messaged him back and asked him how to delete my account or at least stop all the spam. He must have been serious about that picture because he never replied back. I did finally figure it out though.

So recently I filled out an offer that required signing up for yet another dating site, Zoosk.  Zoosk is pretty spammy. They aren't near as spammy as that other site was and the guys so far seem to be honest about their age although none of them are in my stated age preference which this time is 50+. I bumped it up a few notches. When I'm 42 maybe I'll go find that 75 year old.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Quick Survey For An Amazon Gift Card

The Quick Thoughts app is available for both Android   and iTunes  .  Sorry they don't do referrals as of yet.   The only reward option they have at the moment is Amazon gift cards. You need approximately $10.00 to cash out.

How long does this take? Well, that depends on two things: # 1. Your luck when it comes to surveys. #2. How many surveys they decide to host.   It took me three days to earn enough to get my first card.
 By the way, it's $1.00  per  each qualified survey. If you do not qualify for the survey then it's $.10.  Don't expect that $.10 every time. There is a cap.

I've posted the image above just to give you an idea of  the kind of "luck" I have when it comes to surveys.  This is from my lap.  On my phone it's shown as $ rather than points. lol   I didn't even know they had a browser version until a few moments ago. 

Anyhow..Once you request your gift card they will immediately provide you with the code to apply to your Amazon account.  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Error on redeeming Perk rewards

Perk members may have noticed that after attempting to redeem for instant Paypal, you receive an error message.

I'm assuming this also applies to the slower Paypal option.  I was able to cash out of an Amazon gift card instead   I did contact support and their explanation was that my IP was accidentally blocked. I doubt that if I was able to log into my account or redeem Amazon.  Well it happened again. I'm not messing with it anymore because it'll just be a waste. They might start to think I'm doing something against the rules, which I'm not. Hopefully they find a permanent solution. Until then, I guess it's Amazon for now.

By the way I've made a life time total of about $300 from Perk. Yeah not a lot, but I've got school lunch covered for a while.